What is Kombucha?

What is Kombucha


This ancient drink is basically a fermented sweet tea. It all starts with tea leaves, water and sugar to make the tea base. Then specific bacteria and yeast are added to begin the fermentation process. The brew is covered and left to sit in warm temperature for couple of days. As the bacteria and yeast feed on the sugar, carbon dioxide is released. That’s where the fizziness of Kombucha comes from. 

It is rich in Probiotics that help boost our immune system, improves digestion and fight harmful bacteria growth. 

It also produces healthy organic acids such as Acetic Acid (which can also be found in your Apple Cider) that can lower cholesterol levels, Gluconic Acid that strengthen digestive system, Lactic and Oxalic Acid which increase energy metabolism, Malic and Glucuronic Acid which are both powerful detoxifier, and Butyric Acid which fights inflammation.  

Given all the healthy benefits of Kombucha, many people are more after to its refreshing sweet tangy taste and natural effervescence, which is a great alternative to your soda pop.